Revolutionary financial planning software that allows financial advisors to view detailed and consolidated advisory fees in one convenient location.

Allows firms to move away from legacy products by using a solution that tracks costs, expenses, goals, and financial ratios for each of their advisors.

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Great Valley Advisor Group is built on a state of the art RIA platform, either allowing advisors to focus on both commission-based brokerage business and fee-based advisory business, or fee-based advisory business only. There’s no one model that will work for every advisor. Ultimately, the GVA model is built for scalability but access to this model needed to be upgraded to exclude the use of excel and legacy programs.


  •   Calculating fees for all advisors was a 3 day process
  •   Error in calculations would be realized months after upon comparison of previous fees
  •   Process was very time consuming to make corrections when needed
  •    Maintenance of fees and corrections were manually completed and difficult to track


Ocean Ring Technologies built a software solution with security as the highest priority due to financial information needing to be confidential and including privileges for delegating reports to managers and specific advisors when needed. AdvisorBOB (Advisor Book of Business) is a revolutionary financial planning software that offers reliable results, while maintaining dynamic flexibility according to an advisor's unique fee model. To utilize this software is to experience efficiency and convenience. That is why a web application representing these powerful features does not only require intuitive user experience but a clear-cut strategy centered around meeting every visitor and reader's need. This application allowed the client to transition from excel and other legacy products by using a customizable solution that tracks costs, expenses, goals, and financial ratios for each of the advisors.


The solution allows the client to securely outsource advisory fee payouts, including investments, insurance, financial planning, and fee-based 401ks. Due to the high demand and number of different payout scenarios the client needed, ORT was able to scale our offering and include additional functionality.

One of the first RIA software systems to include custom transactional importing from multiple sources. Fully supports multiple Rep ID splits, payout adjustments, firm level overrides, admin/program fees for money management firms, and a valuation report.

Whichever services you require, we have the skills to match.